David Mayer Naman

David Mayer Naman was founded in 1982 in Roma,Italy which is the fashion center of the world. It becomes to be a symbol of  every cosmopolitan man who wants a total look uniting international style with Italian taste.
David Mayer focus on "metrosexual " men who are self-confident on how to dress and style with small details that stand out from the crowd. David Mayer Naman represents "uniqueness" which earns respect from others in every occasion.
David Mayer Naman is designed to lead the fashion trend, spread “sexiness” culture and to characterize sexy and elegant Men’s wear!

モールShoppes at Parisian
場所Shop 503, Level 5

Sunday - Thursday:
10:00am - 11:00pm
Friday - Saturday:
10:00am - 12:00am

Phone Number+85328770583

Brand Story

David Mayer Naman was founded in Roma,Italy which is the fashion center of the world.
In the 1980s,Mr. David Mayer Naman is a classic fashion designer. After more than 10 years’ classic fashion design career, there’s a 180-degree change at the beginning of 1996. Mr. David Mayer Naman established the men’s wear brand“David Mayer Naman with his name. It’s a designer brand which makes men look more fashionable and stylish, and reflects their personal styles.

Brand based on diversified development, with fashion appeal, it is suitable for different age groups and cultural traditions in the broad market. Brand value and product strategy- " urban hot stylish man " enables us to meet different preferences and different customer groups. In the eyes of every male who has extremely confident of wearing, "David Mayer Naman" let them can having a unique style in any occasion.