Isabelle Langlois

Isabelle Langlois is a Parisian Jewellery brand which started from family heritage of great expertise of colored gemstone cutting. The inspiration of the brand is coming from Mother Nature, each Jewellery piece replicates the creation of Mother Nature: the impeccable colored array of a bouquet of cut flowers, a coral branch and much more. 

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場所Shop 331, Place Vendome, Level 3
Phone Number+85328966618
Brand Story
Isabelle Langlois Macau - Shoppes at Parisian

Grown up in a Jurassien family of gemstone cutters and dealers, Isabelle was introduced to coloured gemstones since her earliest days.

As a young schoolgirl, she drew and created her first jewel with crumpled metal and coloured glass cabochons: the beginning of a successful career!

Isabelle perfected her skills by spending a few years in a high-end jewellery workshop, where she worked for the prestigious Maisons established in
Place Vendôme. Then, she decided to found her own jewellery Maison in 1992.

With much elegance and grace, the renowned designer believes in the magnificent charm of Mother Nature. “God created flowers, but Man cut them to form bouquets, as handpicked flowers of myriad colours, various species and from all native regions of our Earth. A wonderful gift but yet so fragile: the emotions conveyed by a bouquet, captured forever … “ - Isabelle Langlois.

Signature Products
Isabelle Langlois-Products

Émotion Collection – Émotion Poire Pedant

Prehnite, Roses de France, Tsavorite Garnets in White Gold.

Isabelle Langlois-Products

Émotion Collection - Émotion Coussin Ring

Green Quartz, Pink Sapphires, Pink & Green Tourmalines, Tsavorites, Diamonds in Rose Gold.

Isabelle Langlois-Products

Flora Pensee Collection - Ring

Diamond, Iolite, Moon Stone in 18k White Gold.

Isabelle Langlois-Products

Eden Collection - Ring

Amethyst, Rhodolite and Sapphire in Rose Gold.

Isabelle Langlois-Products

Eden Collection - Ring

Diamond, Iolite, Pink Quartz, Pink Tourmaline and Roses de France in Rose Gold.

Isabelle Langlois-Products

Sac de Billes Collection - Pendant

Amethyst, Rhodolite, Citrine in Rose Gold.

Isabelle Langlois-Products

Pavés de Paris Collection - Ring

Diamond, Garnet, Citrine in 18k Gold.

Isabelle Langlois-Products

Ocean Collection - Brooch

Diamond, Roses de France , Tsavorite Garnet, Garnet, Pearl in 18k Gold.

Isabelle Langlois-Products

Pearl Collection - Brooch

Diamond, Pearl in 14k gold.